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Ways To Get Last-Minute Airfare Deals

Ways to get last-minute airfare deals

It is when the emergency hits, our minds rush to the last-minute airfare deals for saving money on inevitable plans. Emergency has many meanings, it could be a last-minute business trip you have to take or any other family related or medical emergency where you have no option but take the very next flight to your destination. Knowing how to land on best last-minute airfare deals can be efficacious.

Ways To Get Last-Minute Airfare Deals

What helps get the best last-minute airfare deals?

  • The last thing you can afford is flexible timings. So the next best thing would be you being flexible about the standby time if the cheapest flight is a connecting flight.
  • Standby is risky, but it has its rewards. If you can risk it, try the standby option.
  • Don’t spend too much time on one online flight booking website as the sites tend to increase the fare if they see you’re desperate. Clean your cookies if you are searching again after some time or just go incognito.
  • Try cheap airlines and their websites
  • Check if you have any reward points that you can redeem in the emergency situation to get good last-minute airfare deals
  • Look for late nights and early morning for cheap flight tickets.
  • You may look for some discount sites that are great for last-minute airfare deals.
  • It is going to be easier if you travel alone. There are times when only one of two seats are available and if you are with a group, it could create problems.

What are some websites to look for last-minute airfare deals?

Here are some popular websites you can try for last-minute airfare deals.

  • cheapoair.com
  • airtkt.com
  • tophatter.com
  • google.com/flights
  • golastminute.com
  • lastminute.com/flights
  • expedia.com
  • delta.com
  • hotwire.com/flights

What are some of the low-cost airlines for last-minute airfare deals?

Though even the low-cost airlines can cost you more than usual if you are booking last minute, here are some airlines that are low cost if you are flexible with your departure time and date:

  • Virgin America
  • Southwest Airlines
  • Allegiant Air
  • Frontier Airlines
  • JetBlue
  • Spirit Airlines
  • Sun Country Airlines

How do airline miles help with great last-minute airfare deals?

  • Also known as frequent flyers miles, it helps the flyers get rewards for flying a particular airline frequently.
  • It is a loyalty reward given by the airlines and/or credit cards to loyal flyers based on how much they fly, how often and how they spend on credit cards.
  • You will mostly find frequent flyer miles points for other benefits like gifts or for discounts while you shop during your flight from your airline.
  • When you sign up for an account, there is an account number you are given that you can use for future flight bookings.
  • If you sign up after flying couple of times before, you can still redeem those old points. You may talk to the airlines for the same to help you out.

Are there any last-minute airfare deals for medical emergency?

Airlines are here to provide you convenience and do business but when it comes to medical emergency, there are programs by airlines for the flyers who are in dire need of cheap last-minute flights.

  • Bereavement fares. These are cheap fares offered by most airlines in case of death of a family member.
  • Emergency fares. These are also available for people who have to travel urgently because of a sick relative or family member.
  • Free airfare. This is governed by charitable organizations and are for those who cannot afford to pay for the flight fare.

Other than these, you can browse through the cheap airfare websites.

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